Leaflet-Guides in English, French, German, Japanese, Polish & Spanish are available.
An educational leaflet challenges children to find answers to questions about exhibits in the museum.
The ground floor is devoted to a professional exhibition which tells the story of the   Kenilworth Augustinian Abbey   by descriptive plaques and surviving stonework.   The Millennium Exhibition on the ground floor was opened just after Easter 2001. It was part of the Abbey Interpretation Project costing £98980.
The first floor, which was installed in 1994 for £7265, portrays Kenilworth history by relics brought in by residents   Publications are for sale.  
The Museum is staffed by a rota of volunteers.   More volunteers are always welcome to contact the chairman of KHAS,
or else contact Michael Formstone by e-mail :-   m.formstone@ntlworld.com
Access on foot from the free Abbey Fields Car Park, or from the bus service 11 stops in Bridge Street or from the Unibus service stops in Abbey Hill.   Both services run on a Sunday afternoon between Coventry & Leamington Spa and stop in Abbey End by the   Kenilworth Clock Tower   where there is a pay & display car park ( Sunday charges free all day ).   A short walk uphill along Abbey End to the   War Memorial  leads to the steep downhill path in Abbey Fields to the Swimming Baths.
From   Kenilworth Castle   down by a track to a gap near the Ford, after crossing the busy road, paths in Abbey Fields beside the Lake lead to the Swimming Baths.   Outside the baths building there is café on the corner, public toilets including a RADAR disability facility and disabled parking.

Some Events during 2010

November 2010   Graham Gould, Henry Denny and Richard Morris have started recording the interior of the important late-Victorian town house - Wilton House, Southbank Road.   At present the offices of Kenilworth Town Council & Jeremy Wright MP.
October 2010   KWN October 19th :- A piece of Kenilworth history could soon be forgotten unless it’s marked "Betsy's Grave"
A new granite stone suitably inscribed will be placed beside the stone thanks to the generosity of Henry Ison, Undertaker - December 2010
October 2010  
plaque found &
returned   to
the care of the
Town Council
Later remounted
on the building
at the corner of
Station Road &
The Square
The Sir Walter Scott's Plaque The Sir Walter Scott's Room
KWN October 22nd page 3 :-   Sir Walter Scott’s memory will live on as plaque is found
September 2010   KWN September 24th :- Posties abandon bikes in favour of trolleys - a countywide first for Kenilworth
September 2010   WCC News September 23rd :- "An exciting new study, the Warwickshire Historic Towns project, has started which aims to chart the development of a number of Warwickshire’s historic towns from the Roman period until the present day" including Kenilworth in this Extensive Urban Survey.   Periodic updates to the project, with the results of each town's assessment, will be made available at :-   www.warwickshire.gov.uk/eus
September 2010   The award winning   Chedham's Yard Restoration   is holding a   Chedham's on the Move   special preview
meeting on 6th September at 7:15pm in St. Peter's Church Centre, Wellesbourne.   Volunteers wanted to   Get Involved.
August 2010   A descriptive brass plaque has been affixed to the   Kenilworth Millennium Globe
( KWN August 27thp.9 :- "Abbey End's ball finally gets its plaque after ten years" with photograph of the installation. )
August 2010   An informative memorial panel ( funded by Kenilworth Community Forum & Warwick District Council ) has been affixed to the bricked-up entrance of the air raid shelter in Abbey Fields by St Nicholas' car park in Bridge Street.
Kenilworth in World War II leaflet ( memorial panel on side 2 )   . ( as a PDF file ).
( KWN August 20thp.3 :- "Shelter plaque will help people remember the town's history" with photograph outside old air raid shelter. )
Kenilworth Air Raid Shelters   with photos taken by Robin D. Leach - Novemner 2010.
July 2010   KWN July 23rd frontpage :- " Historic Kenilworth road may be protected"   - a campaign for  
" A Case for Conservation - Avenue Road, Kenilworth ( a unique housing development, almost 100 years old )"
Warwick District Council has included Avenue Road in the Conservation Area - December 2010.
June 2010   Friends of Abbey Fields, Kenilworth   launch a leaflet on The Trees of Abbey Fields available free from the library.
May 2010   Two objects added to the online   BBC "A History of the World" - List of Objects for Coventry & Warks   :-

Anti-aircraft shell nose-cone   and   Bronze Age axe-head

May 2010   A molded stone from the Abbey Ruins was handed over to Fr. Gus O'Reilly from the Church of St. Peter-in-Chains to be incorporated into the resurrected Shrine of Our Lady of Doncaster, along with stones from other Abbeys in England dedicated to Our Lady.   The Mediaeval Shrine was demolished in 1538, the year Kenilworth Abbey was dissolved.   Richard Morris masterminded the exercise.         ( KWN May 21stp.3 :- "Kenilworth abbey stone to sit in pilgrimage prayer garden" with photograph of the handover. )
The Garden Shrine in Doncaster Garden of Our Lady of Doncaster


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